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There are many different options to consider when designing your custom wedding portrait. I have put together a brief introduction below to get you started. Please feel free to get as creative as you like, the possibilities are endless!

Biltmore Miami

The Moment

Examples include:

ceremony, first dance, first look, a portrait at any location on the property, etc.

Details to consider:

Ceremony Pros: 

-often occurs during the daytime; natural light provides an array of lovely colors and textures 

-the moment holds significance  

-ceremony decor and backdrop will be captured

First Dance Pros:

-elements of the reception such as candles, flowers, wedding cake, fog, sparklers, architecture, etc will be incorporated

-the pose adds more movement to the painting

First Look Pros:

-opportunity to capture a location on the property that may not be highlighted otherwise

-the location may depict the charm or character of the venue 

-the location may be a scenic backdrop

-you can choose any pose you like

Ceremony Poses


first kiss, dip & kiss, walking down the aisle together holding hands, dip & kiss with bouquet, holding the bouquet overhead, holding hands during the ceremony, etc.

Laguna Cliffs_edited.jpg
The Colony Hotel
Trump Miami Doral

First Dance Poses


dip, twirl, elegant slow dancing, dip & kiss, lifting the bride, etc.

Other Poses

You can get as creative you like! 

Deering Estate

Canvas Orientation

Choose between vertical and horizontal for your canvas orientation. 

Vertical Pros:

-portrait style

-great for tall background structures such as architecture, chandeliers, trees, waterfalls, etc.

Horizontal Pros:

-landscape style

-captures a wide view of the background

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