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There are a few different elements to consider when designing your custom wedding portrait. I have put together a brief introduction below to get you started. Please feel free to get as creative as you like, the possibilities are endless!

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The Moment

You may choose any moment from your wedding day to have captured in your live painting. Feel free to think outside the box!


Classic Examples:

-ceremony, first dance, first look.

Unique Examples:

 -cake cutting, seated at the sweetheart table, strolling through a garden or vineyard, walking down a grand staircase, exiting a chapel, leaning against a classic car, seated at a fountain, walking through a forest or field, etc.

Any unique location at the venue may be used for the background. 

Ceremony Poses


-first kiss, dip & kiss, walking down the aisle together holding hands, dip & kiss with bouquet, holding the bouquet overhead, holding hands and gazing at each other during the ceremony, etc.

The Estate on Halifax
Trump Miami Doral

First Dance Poses


-dip, twirl, elegant slow dancing, dip & kiss, lifting a partner, leading a partner on to the dance floor, etc.

Other Poses

Feel free to get as creative you like!



-walking together and holding hands, smiling at each other while embracing, sharing a kiss, dip and kiss with a bouquet, seated together, kiss on the forehead, slow dancing, etc.

Paradise Cove

Vertical (Portrait)
Canvas Orientation

Recommended for the 18x24", 20x24" and 24x30" canvases.


-the newlyweds are the focal point

-the newlyweds are showcased on a larger scale which allows for greater facial and clothing detail to be captured


-less background elements will be captured in the painting


Horizontal (Landscape)
Canvas Orientation


Recommended for the 20x30" , 24x30" and 24x36" canvases.


-greater emphasis on capturing the background details


-the couple's portrait will be smaller in proportion to the background, due to the shorter height of a horizontal canvas

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