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Event Painting 

B Y  J U L I E 


Photography: Tatiana Blanco Photography

Live Wedding Painting

Interested in capturing your special day through impressionistic brushstrokes and vivid hues that depict the ambiance of your event? If so, a live wedding painter might be right for you! Live painting creates a memorable experience for guests to watch and enjoy while arriving to your ceremony or taking a break from the dance floor at the reception. Not to mention, your original painting will serve as a unique memento to display in your home and pass on to future generations.  

S tudio Paintings

Has your wedding already passed but you would still like a personalized painting of your favorite moment? Julie would be happy to paint from a photo of your wedding! Custom acrylic paintings of family portraits, pets, bridal bouquets, and even your first home are also available!

Bespoke Collections

Looking for a unique painting that inspires or accents your home? Explore Julie's most recent collection of artworks created in true expression of herself. 

Coming Soon!

Photography: Content Wayfarer

Julie was recently interviewed by VoyageMIA Magazine
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